Community Living Support Workers

Community Living Support Workers are employees of Innovative Housing that assist individuals that have either serious mental illness or developmental disabilities to be able to live independently and participate actively in the Community

Supportive services provide help with:

  • Household management skills; Grocery shopping and cooking, budgeting skills and banking, household care and laundry, and activities of daily living, dressing and bathing.
  • Community integration: participation in community outings and activities which would include health and fitness.
  • Transportation: provide transportation for shopping and community outings. Support workers will assist in learning how to access public transit.
  • Support workers will assist individuals in ordering, administering and picking-up medications and scheduling/attending/follow-up on medical appointments/health issues.


IHDC has a highly qualified and experienced level of staff. All staff undergo a background check which includes FBI fingerprinting and driving records. All staff are trained under the guidelines of Community Mental Health. Staff are trained in CPR/First aide, recipient rights, transportation and person centered planning. Additional training is provided specific to diagnosis.

Respite Services

Innovative Housing provides respite for families and caregivers who need short term relief from caring for a loved one. Respite provides a needed temporary break from the often exhausting challenges faced by family caregivers.

Home of Your Own (HOYO)

HOYO is an unlicensed residential arrangement through which services are provided to the individual in their own home or apartment. Services are intended to enhance existing skills of the individuals and promote community integration and access. In this type of arrangement, the individual is able to select their own provider without affecting their ability to reside in the home or apartment. The philosophy is to empower the individual to participate to their fullest ability in their community and live successfully independently.